Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Fly's Eye Films - Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children (2015)

Directed, shot and edited the Emmy-nominated videos for Sesame Street's groundbreaking autism awareness campaign.

Director & Cinematographer

Fly's Eye Films - Sesame Street (2013-Present)

Directed and shot several short films for Sesame Street on PBS, including "The Letter M in Motion" and "D is for Dress-Up."


Think Thorpe Productions - Do I Sound Gay? (2015)

Cinematographer of feature-length documentary "Do I Sound Gay," which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Director & Cinematographer

Fly's Eye Films - New York City Ballet (2012-Present)

Director and cinematographer of short documentaries which give a behind-the-scenes look at the dancers and costumes of the NYC Ballet, including the annual Fall Gala video for the past five years.

Additional Camera

Tigerlily Films - To be Takei (2012-2013)

Feature-length documentary portrait of the life of actor and activist George Takei. Official selection at the Sundance Film Festival.


Al Jazeera English - Faultlines (2012-Present)

Interviews and segments for episodes of the award-winning documentary series, including "Occupy Wall Street," "How the White House Was Won" and "For Sale: The American Dream."


Milojo Productions - Becoming Varsity (2013)

Feature-length documentary about the competitive world of high school cheerleading.


Dryspell Productions - City Eats (2012)

Shot web promo for Washington, D.C. restaurant.

Director & Cinematographer

Fly's Eye Films - Richard Schechner: Communitas (2009)

An experimental documentation of famed theater director, Richard Shechner, as he leads a three-week performance workshop. Unique in that the filmmaker is both observer and participant in the workshop. Feature length documentary, currently in post-production.

Producer, Cinematographer, & Editor

Fly's Eye Films - Meet the Gardners (2008)

A series of documentaries profiling the men and women who work behind the scenes to keep Madison Square Garden running 24 hours a day. Web-based programming for 5 min./episode

Director of Photography

The Concept Farm - Spend Some Time in Their Shoes (2009)

A "promo-cumentary" campaign for ESPN and the PBA Tour. In the revealing and humourous series, pro bowlers invite viewers to see their lives on and off the lanes. ESPN, :15 & :30/spot.

Director of Photogaphy & Editor

L-Train Films - The Elements (2008 - 2009)

A contemporary look at the five original elements of hip-hop (MC, Breakdance, Beatbox, DJ, and Grafitti) commissioned for Sucker Free week. MTV2, 30min.

Field Producer & primary Cinematographer

MTV Networks - Made (2007)

Emmy award-winning reality series that follows the transformation of a young adult as he is "made" into his goal. MTV, 30min.

Associate Producer & Director of Photography

Pixilated Ideas - Lou Reed Presents: Master Ren Guang Yi (2006 - 2007)

Lou Reed provides original compositions to accompany Master Ren as he guides viewers through four original forms of Taijiquan. Documentary/Instructional DVD, 110 minutes.

Assistant Director & Primary Cinematographer

PBS, WTIU Bloomington, IN - Trouble No More: The Making of a John Mellencamp Album (2003)

Emmy winning glimpse into the creative process of rock legend John Mellencamp as he records his folk/blues cover album. PBS and Trio, 60min.

Director of Photography

Gecko Productions - Interview with a Serial Killer (2008)

The gruesome murders committed by convicted serial killer Arthur Shawcross are recounted through interviews with his family, the police prosecutors responsible for his capture and conviction, as well as Shawcross himself. BBC Channel 5, 60min.

Director of Photography

Osgood Productions - My Vietnam Your Iraq (2006 - 2008)

Families are torn apart and brought together by the roles that both parent and child played in two of the country's most unpopular wars. Official selection: GI Film Festival, Washington D.C., 80min.

Director of Photography

John Flower Productions - Snack Bites: A&W Commercial (2009)

Promotion for A&W restaurant featuring Green Bay Packers wide receiver, Greg Jennings. :30sec.

Director of Photography

Pixelated Ideas - Always on Tour (2005)

Prolific underground hip-hop artist, Kool Keith, takes viewers on a walking tour of New York City; all the while reflecting on topics ranging from Popeye's chicken to the current state of the music industry. Official Selection: Bronx Hip-Hop Festival, 20min.

Director of Photography

The Concept Farm - Grab Your Nuts (2006)

Series of short comedy films starring a less-than-qualified "activities expert" attempting to teach viewers the do's and don'ts of recreational activities. Web-based campaign for Hershey and Payday candy bars. 5min./episode

Director of Photography

The Concept Farm - Cool in Your Code (2005 - 2008)

Emmy award-winning infotainment series that explores all things stylish, hip, and delicious in New York's neighborhoods. 5 seasons on NYCTV and WNBC, 30min./episode